Emerald Star International: Commitment To Quality

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Our Commitment to Quality

We take food safety very seriously, and consumers’ health and safety are our top priorities!

Our Company's efforts are constantly directed towards complying with the FDA and USDA regulations. Therefore, all of Emerald Start International, LLC products are manufactured under strict “Good Manufacturing Practices", and are in compliance with US Food and Drug Administration’s CGMP’s Regulations 21 CFR 110, and USDA Regulation 21 CFR 589.2000.

We conduct internal audits on regular bases to ensure compliance with the GMP requirements of our organization. To accomplish this, Emerald Star International’s Quality Control Department has implemented comprehensive and thorough process specifications and controls.

Ingredient Testing:The first quality control step is to select quality ingredients from the best sources. We obtain Product Data Sheets, MSDS’ (Material Safety Data Sheets) and COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) for each ingredient. Special requirements have to be met before new suppliers are approved. Ingredients are carefully inspected upon receipt, sampled, and held under quarantine until analytical testing is completed. These steps include microbiological and chemical testing of incoming raw materials prior to their acceptance to confirm that they meet all specifications for purity, activity and physical characteristics. Any ingredient that does not meet all specifications is rejected. We ensure that we are using allergen free, non-GMO, and kosher the most natural ingredients possible. For certain ingredients, approval for use in our products can be a long-term process.

Environmental Testing:These tests include environmental pre-operational testing of production equipment ensuring completed sanitation. All steps are carefully documented.

In-Process Testing:During the manufacturing process of each lot produced, additional testing is conducted to assure that the finished product conforms to the established specifications.

Finished Product Testing:Each lot of finished product produced undergoes final analytical testing to ensure its safety, and quality. Testing includes physical, microbiological and chemical analyses to guarantee that each lot of product produced meets all quality specifications. Our products are tested for heavy metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury to ensure that our products are below the legal limits established by California Proposition 65.

Document Control (DCN) and Record keeping:Document procedures, records and comprehensive training are a part of Emerald Star International’s dedication to achieving uniformity in quality for every lot of finished product produced.

Finished Product Release for Distribution:No products leave Emerald Star International’s plant before they have passed all required screening steps.

Traceability:Emerald Star International’s Quality Control Department has the ability to track each individual ingredient used in any particular lot of finished product, ensuring that our products are safe and of the highest quality.