Emerald Star International: Management Team

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Our staff is made up of a dream team of experts in the field of food science and nutrition.


For over two decades our team has contributing to the natural food industry by educating, developing and manufacturing of innovative and quality nutritional products.


We are committed to using our combined efforts and expertise to develop safe and delicious, foods and supplements, in both liquids and powders to satisfy our clients’ concepts or needs.

We have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable networks in the USA and Europe. The member's valuable input is important to us is and is appreciated equally, whether they are scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, medical doctors, architects, graphic designers or production and sanitation personnel. We feel honored and fortunate to meet and know each of them. At Emerald Star International we believe in hard work, a code of ethics, and mutual respect.  


CHIEF SCIENCE OFFICER                     Ken has worked for several Fortune 500 companies in the United States. He had a successful executive career .....

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VP OF QUALITY SYSTEMS AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS                           As the Vice President of Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs, Jasminka's main role is .....

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CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER/ VP OF R&D Sonja T. Sladic has over 20 years of hands on and executive experience in the Natural Food, Health .....

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