Emerald Star International: Mission Statement

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Our mission

Emerald Star International, LLC combines the innovative, science based team’s vision, talents, knowledge, experience, and hard work, in order to design, manufacture, market  and distribute, safe and high quality natural products that benefit the health of all.  

  • Our Company’s high quality standards are an inherent part of everything we do, assuring that our products are of the highest quality, ethically scientific and absolutely safe for consumers.
  • Our products are formulated with love and care, by eco-friendly scientists who have extreme love and respect for nature of our Gaia. They are packaged in ways that are kind to people, animals and the environment.
  • We are committed to in recycling programs, water and energy conservation. All of our promo materials are printed on recycled paper.
  • We have (upon occasion) opportunities, to brighten our own stars a just little… or a lot, defined only by degrees of success, and measured constantly, by ourselves, and others.
  • We are dedicated to generating profit that will benefit our local communities, current economy and will provide new employment opportunities.
  • We intend to build a trend into a swell to sweep a nation and positively affect our world.