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Welcome To Ken's Scientific Corner! Safety First! More Is Not Better!

With today’s stressful and busy lifestyle, an understanding of the body’s nutritional needs is essential for supporting healthy psychological and physiological development. It is important that we incorporate correct supplementation into our family's daily diet.

You will not find fanciful claims on this web site. The purpose of this site is to provide you with plainly written explanations for the science involved in contemporary food science and nutrition.

No science has all the answers to all the questions all of the time. In fact, if you think about it, there are vastly more answers (or explanations) then there are questions. The problem shortly becomes: which answer is best for me?

What should we choose?

There are so many supplements on today's market. The supplement industry is moving very quickly, adding numerous “new supplements” and foods to the market. Are all of them safe? It is hard for a consumer to judge what is truly healthy, and what is not. They either have to trust experts or personally reach a superior knowledge of body biochemistry and correct nutrition

In order to make the correct choice of supplements, it is necessary to learn about the various natural foods, food concentrates, micro flora, and product safety and quality. Know your family health history, and pay attention to your body's signs.

Safety first!  More is not better!

1.It is very important to understand the diffence between product beeing healthy and product beeing safe. Make sure product you buy is microbiologicaly, and chemically safe.

2. Do not buy on-line products from unknown sources (no address, no phone number, no information on manufacturer or distributor, etc.).

3. Always read supplemental facts and pay attention to amounts of each ingredients.

4. Make sure to read all ingredients listed on the label.

5. If you are allergic to common allergens, look for an allergen statement.

6. Look for a warning statements (if any).

7. More is not always better - Do not exceed suggested doses on the product label.

8. If you have a medical condition, advise with your health professional before use of any new supplement, especially if you are not familiar with one or more ingredients.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, I will share with you some knowledge about our products, and how they can make a great contribution to you and your family's health. Visit our product page, and FAQ's.      

                                                                       Best of Health, Chief Science Officer


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